Fear and excitement elicit the same physiological response in the body- increased heart rate, sweating, nervous tension. My relationship with fear changed when I intentionally began to cultivate a better relationship with BRAVERY.

When we choose to dance outside our comfort zone, we are really practicing micro-bravery. These small actions we once classified as *scary* are in fact opportunities to practice bravery. And in doing so, we open ourselves up to new experiences of excitement, curiosity, anticipation, and exhilaration.

I’ve been intentionally practicing small acts of micro-bravery every week to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. To quell the lizard brain and teach it that not everything is to be feared. Not everything is a threat. By continually and practicing small acts of micro-bravery, I’ve learned to ask for what I need, share my work, and most recently, say yes to new opportunities that are taking me WAY outside of my comfort zone (hello, illustrating and designing wedding invitations!).

Micro-bravery can be blocking off your schedule and not taking meetings during lunch hour, agreeing to present and share your knowledge with a group, or meeting that person for drinks after work. It can be selling your art for the first time, or posting your real, deep thoughts on a big platform. It can be doing The 100 Day Project that begins on April 2nd!

Cheers to the ways we inoculate ourselves from fear by consistently and consciously practicing micro-bravery. May we all bravely continue to pursue our “MUST”. What are some ways that you practice micro-bravery in your life?