Companies gain a competitive advantage when employees have the proper health and wellness knowledge and methods of implementation to stay healthy and energized. 

I offer engaging and creative hour-long nutrition and wellness presentations curated to the specific interests of your group.  I teach the science behind the gut microbiome, how food is directly connected to health/longevity, what specific foods to eat in order to improve energy and mood, and how to prepare easy and healthy meals/snacks for the busy working professional. I present relevant nutrition concepts in a fun and dynamic way. Participants leave with practical strategies and tactics to implement around the areas of nutrition/exercise/stress management for long-term and sustainable behavior change. 

I also offer on-site individual employee wellness and nutrition coaching designed to optimize overall health and energy levels.

Companies benefit by seeing increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs. Employees benefit by feeling healthy, vibrant and strong throughout the day


My corporate wellness services include:

  • Group nutrition classes teaching the connection between our food choices and energy levels, cravings, mental clarity and mood, how to choose the right foods to optimize physical/mental health, and as easy meal/snack planning tips for the busy working individual.

  • Group wellness classes covering topics such as behavior change, stress management and mindfulness, and sleep hygiene.

  • Simple recipes and comprehensive food lists to make it easy to create healthy and nutritious meals.

  • The option of including one-on-one individual employee nutrition counseling which includes a comprehensive review of personal meal logs and provides individualized and customized dietary guidelines for increased energy, reduced stress and improved health.

Contact me to discuss raising the energy level of your team or company.  Employees will be grateful, and the results will be impactful.

When our executive team decided to pursue a speaker and coach on all things nutrition for our employees, I immediately thought of Julianne Kanzaki. During a morning workshop, Julianne provided a clear explanation of the benefits of gut health and the impacts of dietary choices through engaging activities and dialogue with our entire staff. As a follow-up, she provided an on-site cooking demonstration and specialized one-on-one coaching for staff members catered to individual needs and desires We found Julianne to be exceedingly knowledgeable as well as compassionate and easy to communicate with. Her passion to help others experience wellness within themselves and the world around them is resolute and fundamental to the successes she had with our team.
— Naomi L.
Julianne was both informative and inspiring. I really appreciated the incorporation of art, science, and most importantly mindfulness/wellness. I learned about the correlation between the gut and the mind which provided the opportunity to ‘connect the dots’ on some of my digestion/eating issues. Julianne’s gift of gab and humor made a lot of the scientific content easy to digest (pun intended!. Lastly, she provided supportive content as parting gifts which allowed us to take control immediately.
— Jae Washington, Zenefits
I’ve had the privilege of working with Julianne in several capacities during the past few years. She presented wellness and nutritional strategies to our employees at a local government agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her gentle, loving and fun approach was well-received. I was then able to receive one-on-one coaching with her which helped me tremendously. I’m enjoying a green smoothie as I write this. When I retired in 2015, I began attending some of her half-day wellness retreats, each one a unique gem. She continues to encourage me with her zest for life, fitness, food, friends and family and her enjoyment of the natural beauty of our world. Julianne is beautiful inside and out. She is a brilliant, creative instructor and lives and loves her calling. She is a blessing. She exudes radiance.
— Janette Stuart, Founder of Angel Angles
Julianne was amazing! Our employees were introduced to easy ways to improve their everyday health habits and learned extensive information on the importance of having a healthy gut microbiome. Julianne was thorough with her information, and engaging with the group.
— Annalise Pfeiffer, Zenefits
I loved hearing Julianne’s nutrition information presentation! I have attended many other health seminars in the past. Julianne’s presentation was excellent. She gave very hands-on examples of how to handle eating, with simple, easy-to-remember takeaways that have made a positive impact in my meal planning, preparation, and eating. I am very grateful to Julianne for her excellent seminar and I hope to work with her in the future to increase my family’s health and well-being.
— Jessica McKinlay, Dorsey & Whitney LLP
I’ve been curious about Julianne and the different services she offers. Having dealt with some health issues in the past that required me to overhaul my diet and lifestyle and then “falling off that wagon,” I’d been looking for a way to get back on track when I came across her website. Once I learned that Julianne makes presentations to corporate groups, I realized others in my organization could benefit from the science-backed, but practical perspectives on wellness and nutrition she provides. Her presentation was engaging, thoughtful, and practical. I highly recommend her to anyone!
— Jeannie Kim, United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California
Julianne is a gentle, kind, prepared, creative presenter. She exemplifies a quiet strength and confidence that will captivate the lucky recipients.

Twice I have had her come speak to my students, and in both cases we have been inspired and touched by her work with us. Both young adult audiences were very different; one a room of extroverts, and the other more reluctant and reserved. She captured both groups’ respect and interest. I highly recommend having Julianne come work with you.
— Kathy Dillingham, Teacher
I invited Julianne to come speak to my college sorority at one of our chapters. She was an absolute godsend! Julianne is an engaging speaker who worked tirelessly to tailor her presentation to my particular group. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, and open with a very graceful way of drawing audience members in and holding their attention. It was a pleasure to work with her and I absolutely recommend her for any speaking event!
— Meredith MacLennon, Santa Clara University Alpha Phi
I thoroughly enjoyed Julianne’s nutrition talk! She explained new concepts that I hadn’t heard of before (serotonin is in the gut) and reminded us why eating healthy ultimately makes us feel so much better. I promptly fixed green lentils and brown rice the following night!
— Gail Greenwood, Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP