When we begin a journey, we have in mind what we're about to experience. But oftentimes, when we complete it, it looks very different from how we imagined it to be. Very often when it involves creative work or following a dream, the pieces come together in ways that we would've never imagined.

The first time I did #the100dayproject back in 2016, it allowed me to tap into my intuition. Creating handmade cards for friends, family and strangers pushed me into a deep creative space where I was forced to sit and listen. The mere act of intentionally listening to my intuition when I asked myself, "How can I speak truth and encourage this person who I'm creating for?" was the same that I applied for following my dream and building The Kanzaki Method, one step at a time.


This year I'm participating in the project and will be doing 100 food illustrations for my upcoming projects. Today is Day 3, and it's not too late to join in! Follow me on Instagram @juliannekanzaki for each day's illustration, and let me know what project you choose to embark upon!