Intentions for 2019.


May this year be filled with self-discovery and growth.

I hope you move your body in new ways and explore cities and places that have always intrigued you.

I hope you talk to someone who doesn’t look like you or who you may think you share nothing in common with, and discover all the similarities you share as human beings.

I hope this is the year you take classes or lessons in the things you’ve always been curious about.

I hope if you’re a night owl that you experience the solitude and calm beauty of a sunrise, and if you’re a morning person that you experience the energy, buzz, and excitement of the nightlife.

I hope you make new things and adopt a beginner’s mindset. All masters started out once as beginners.

I hope you have the courage to have those difficult and uncomfortable conversations, because on the other side is emotional freedom.

I hope on your hardest, worst days that you speak to yourself like a good friend- with tenderness, empathy, and compassion.

I hope this is the year you tune out the nonsense and tune into your true essence.