The Alchemy of Friendship.


I love the alchemy of friendship- each person unlocks a different part of ourselves that only comes alive in their presence. So meeting a new friend is like meeting a new part of yourself. A unique side of yourself that emerges only in their presence.

With Roena, I come up with rap songs on the fly and do hip-hop dances in the aisles of Daiso. The playful way she approaches her life is a breath of fresh air. She swings the door open to my goofy, childlike side which feels so freeing. With Praveena, my understanding of spirituality is deepened. When I’m with her, I desire to be more self-aware and kind because of the way she lives her life. She unlocks the part of me that craves being more intentional, grounded, and mindful. With Cat, I’m inspired to look at the world through a different lens and make art across a wide variety of mediums. She has expanded my definition of what art can do for the world by the way she uses her projects for social and political change. And with Jeannie, it’s resilience. I’m reminded how we can stay rooted but not stunted or stuck. We can grow and bravely spread our branches high in the sky for all that is yet to be.

I love this. How we meet the endless parts of ourselves through the sweet fusion with others. How through time, we cultivate the best parts of ourselves by spending time with those people who call those parts out. Like invisible hands, molding us with love into who we are today.