Doin' Good.


This past weekend I attended Yellow Conference 2017, where I gathered with 500 other entrepreneurial-minded creatives to learn and discuss how we can roll up our sleeves, step out in courage, and use our creativity for social good. For social justice. With the belief that together, we can use our unique talents and gifts to spread goodness and bloom. We can make an impact on the world for something bigger than ourselves.  

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You don't have to quit your day job to contribute to the social good. You can start with your dollars. You can be a conscious consumer and support clothing companies like The Shine Project and Krochet Kids International, a non-profit social capitalism brand that provides jobs, education, and mentorship  for women in Uganda and Peru. Or on a larger level, you can build a conscious business that works to solve problems related to human rights, the environment, or other global social issues. 


Whether you're a web designer, a writer, a jewelry maker, a musician, an intern or a CEO, you have the opportunity daily to be doin' good for the world in big ways. Ways that benefit those who don't have a voice and aren't seen in society. If we're not adding, we're subtracting. Now, more than ever, it's imperative that we come together and use our voices, our resources, and our dollars to do work that uplifts and supports the kind of world we all desire to live in. A world where everyone is seen and heard and valued, regardless of age, sex, gender, or race.