Julianne Kanzaki MPH, RDN

Julianne Kanzaki MPH, RDN

As a Wellness Architect and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I design therapeutic lifestyle plans to rebuild health from the inside out. The right foods can transform your energy levels, physical health, mental acuity and overall performance.  

My signature method incorporates a customized whole-food nutrition plan, hiking sessions in nature, guided visualization and mindfulness exercises, and practical tools for long-term behavior modification and habit change.


Your Customized Nutrition & Wellness Plan includes:

  • An individualized meal plan designed by a registered dietitian nutritionist to support your nutrition needs and weight goals

  • 10-15 simple, easy-to-follow whole food recipes to save you 7 hours/week meal planning

  • On-call nutrition coaching (text/email) between follow-ups as needed for support and accountability

  • Weekly review and feedback of food logs to balance hunger levels and increase energy throughout the day

  • Customized "RD approved" dining out options of your favorite restaurants

  • One 1-hour full comprehensive nutrition/wellness assessment that reviews areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress. In this session, we craft your unique Wellness Vision and create both long and short-term goals in the areas you seek to improve

  • Three walking/hiking follow-up sessions offered on beautiful local Bay Area/Peninsula trails

  • A comprehensive list of nutrient-dense, whole foods and condiments to stock your kitchen/pantry

The Kanzaki Method™ package includes four weeks of coaching so nutrition and wellness goals are met and healthy habits are firmly established for long-term success. 

Investing in my program will provide you with a solid meal plan, daily accountability, and support to achieve your weight goals and reclaim your health .

...a brilliant, creative instructor who lives and loves her calling.
— Janette S.
...competent and generous. Her expertise, insight, enthusiasm, and responsiveness will help you reach your goals.
— Jennifer H.
...an incredible life coach. Julianne’s all-encompassing approach to nutrition sets her apart from any other dietitian.
— Yana K.
...an incredibly competent dietitian who helped me stay on top of my fast-paced and hectic schedule. Her tailored recipes and suggestions had a noticeable impact on my energy levels and mental clarity.
— Benjamin D.
...exceedingly knowledgeable as well as compassionate.
— Naomi L.
Julianne helped me make changes that I plan to carry with me for the rest of my life. I lost 13 pounds over the 8 weeks that I worked with her and now I have the tools I need.
— Jaclyn W.
Julianne is an AMAZING nutritionist and coach. I’ve had an 11.5 lb weight loss in 4 weeks.
— Robert J.
Julianne changed my eating habits, lifestyle, and mentality.
— Mayu T.
...a wonderful, cheerful and energizing spirit that is contagious.
— Michelle S.


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