Stay Curious.

Tonight I was writing a graduation card for my cousin (we're having a belated party for him tomorrow), and inside I wrote the only piece of advice that I've found to be helpful in my own life- stay curious.  

Elizabeth Gilbert said it best...

I listened to an interview today with Olympic swimmer Byron Davis, and he summed it up perfectly- in life, at times you will not be confident.  In his words, "Confidence has little to do with your capability of making something happen.  Instead, allow yourself to embrace curiosity.  When we are curious about something, all of our awareness and brain power becomes acutely aware of scenarios, patterns, and answers.  When you decide to be curious, you invite enough room to create experiences that you begin to stack up, which will ultimately become your confidence.  Curiosity allows us to move through that period of ambiguity.  Use the small incremental results to guide you in making mid-course corrections.  Ultimately, you will cross that finish line."

Curiosity moves us from a place of fear to a place of wonder and faith.  And that's a much better place to set up camp.