Words of Enlightenment.


During #the100dayproject, I became used to sipping on GT's kombucha while painting. I noticed each bottle had a special "Words of Enlightenment" section that included quotes ranging from Henry David Thoreau to everyday citizens who were inspired to share their thoughts. I stared at the bottle and imagined my quote on the bottle. What would it look like? What would it say?

As a result of #the100dayproject, I became used to sharing my innermost thoughts with the world. Phrases pulled straight from my journal entries were paired with a watercolor, and I shared each one consistently for 100 days. 


I'm so thrilled that my quote will appear on the Raspberry Chia flavor hitting the shelves very soon! This quote was part of a longer journal entry that was written when I felt particularly stuck and frantic being newly self-employed. It was a reminder that opportunity and new ideas are always there, just like the sunrise. We just need to see and notice things and make sure that we're always looking in the right direction.