How My Life Improved Once I Gave Up New Year's Resolutions

 2016 in a nutshell... #topnine

2016 in a nutshell... #topnine

Instead of New Year's resolutions, I choose core desires. This leaves my life open to serendipity and opportunities rather than checking off the goal boxes. In 2016, I wanted to experience adventure, exploration, creativity and community. Many things come our way during a year. With each new project or idea I encountered, I always asked myself first, "Will this allow me to feel more adventurous? To explore? Will this cultivate more creativity or community in my life?" Using this different approach and framework opened up many new doors, encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and say yes to opportunities I would've normally passed on. Looking back, it's fun to see how 2016 played out...

  • I finally learned how to surf
  • I created 100 handmade cards in 100 days for strangers and friends alike through my #100DaysofMaking project
  • I took a chance and reached out to inspiring runners/entrepreneurs that I followed on Instagram, asked if they wanted to meet up, and became real-life friends with them
  • I had the privilege of creating more wellness retreats, plant-based dinners and picnics with my friend and fellow dietitian Praveena 
  • I got rid of 500+ items from my life that no longer sparked joy through the Minimalist Challenge
  • I wrote every single day
  • I solo-explored more coastal trails, saw waterfalls, and experienced the magic of more sunrises and sunsets than in any other year
  • I joined my first writers group
  • I became better at saying 'no' to the projects and people and things that weren't a "HELL YES!"
  • I ran my first nighttime trail run in Marin
  • I was a brand ambassador for Betty Designs and had the privilege of racing with, cheering for, and collaborating with inspiring women athletes from all across the globe
  • I learned how to dance better with my fear. I got better at holding those two ideas in my head at the same time- "It might work. It might not work." I tried a lot. I failed a lot. But learned from each and extracted clues on how to pivot and iterate.
  • I came to more deeply appreciate and understand how much I need my tribe and community, and how much I value the support of my friends and family.

So perhaps, like me, you're tired of New Year's resolutions. Maybe it's time to choose how you want to feel, and go from there. Because at the end of the day, isn't it all about how we feel?

Wishing you a wonderful 2017. May you cultivate and create the life you want!