On Tuesday, April 4th, #The100DayProject officially started. This year I'm part of The Creative Collective, a small tribe led by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson. I decided I wanted to do a deep-dive into this project with fellow creatives to learn and be inspired by. Their projects range from animation, videos, digital portraits, watercolors, writing...

When preparing my write-up of last year's project for this blog, I was thumbing through lots of my old journal entries. I discovered some pockets of prose that were universal themes- on love, loss, self-doubt, triumph, partnership. I try to be as authentic and transparent as I can be in my writing, but it's always a scary thing when we put our work out into the world. To help me become more comfortable, this year I decided to pair pieces of my raw writing with watercolored images or photos. For me, these 100 days will be a journey of discovery...seeing how these themes are woven in my life, the ways I create meaning around them as I grow and change, and how my individual experience may actually be felt universally.

You can follow me along on Instagram: @juliannekanzaki. If you'd like to join along, it's not too late! Just choose one creative action you'll do for the next 100 days, create a unique hashtag so your body of work is stored in one place, and enjoy the process.

enjoy the process.

I completed Day 1 in a frenzy late last night and was so utterly embarrassed by my work. But I posted it anyways. I know I'll have days like this in the future. In fact, I'll have many days like this. But through it all, I will get better at carving out the time, the space, and learn how to better dance with my fear. Please join me for your own #the100DayProject and find out for yourself how much you'll learn about yourself, your creativity, and your inner artist.