Julianne is not only a very knowledgeable dietitian, but is also an incredible life coach. Julianne’s passion for her work just seeps out of her like sunbeams, and makes it such a pleasure to work with her. I originally went to her for nutritional help because of my skin issues, but quickly realized how much of the additional value I was getting from each session.

Julianne’s all-encompassing approach to nutrition truly sets her apart from any other dietitian I was able to find. Whatever issue you are facing, at the core it is always more than just diet/nutrition; most of it starts with our thoughts and behaviors, and Julianne helps you pin-point the exact cause of the problem.

My consultations with Julianne during hiking sessions were such beautiful and fulfilling experiences. Not only did she take me to some gorgeous hiking locations I didn’t even know existed, but her attention to detail, passion to help others, and pure kindness made each session magical and unforgettable.

I loved the incorporation of visualization techniques and meditation sessions during the consultations, which were of the greatest value for me personally. Julianne was amazing at carefully listening to each concern I had expressed during the hike and then addressing them during the guided meditation. It made me feel heard and helped me focus on the aspects of my life that needed improvement. Thanks to Julianne’s nutritional advice, my skin has improved significantly, and thanks to her sharing the knowledge of mindfulness and productivity my life has changed dramatically. Julianne has definitely inspired me to start learning how to be a better person and how to explore my creativity, and to me this is priceless. I consider myself blessed to have met Julianne, for she is one of the most gentle, caring, and beautiful people I know.
— Yana K.
Learning about nutrition, doing guided visualization, and enjoying the beautiful ocean view from the beautiful trails of Marin Headlands.

Learning about nutrition, doing guided visualization, and enjoying the beautiful ocean view from the beautiful trails of Marin Headlands.

The Kanzaki Method™ helped me make some much needed changes and improvements not only in my nutritional habits, but my daily life. After a year of not exercising and letting my nutrition decline, The Kanzaki Method™ was what I needed to get me back on my path to wellness. Julianne is a wonderful plant-based RDN and was very open to listening, understanding, and getting straight down to my personal needs to incorporate a whole foods plant-based life style.

The Kanzaki Method™ helped me get to the core issues affecting my wellness and progression in life. Having the sessions as hikes and surrounded by nature gave a deeper connection of communication by helping me lower my boundaries. By not feeling so restricted as compared to a session set in an office, I feel I was able to open up more, giving Julianne a deeper perspective of what I truly needed help with. I was searching for a person connected with ways that nature gives back and The Kanzaki Method™ is walking proof that it does.

Julianne gave me the knowledge and skills that helped me:
- Understand that there is a lot that goes into changing my eating habits to be more well-proportioned and plant-based nutrition meals, and how important planning and prepping meals is in regards to living a plant-based lifestyle.
- Notice what foods and habits I needed to incorporate into my lifestyle, especially in a time where I was completely overwhelmed due to multiple projects and other life events.
- Realize keystone habits to work on that helped not only with one main concern regarding my well being, but with many other concerns that could be affected by each individual keystone habit.
- Regain my focus so I could take control of my life and not be so overwhelmed due to additional conflicts I come across on my path in life.

Now I have the knowledge to put better balanced meals together for not only me, but for my wife and children. Also, by regaining more control of my life, I have been able to: maintain a schedule of exercising consistently, be more optimistic, respond to my life with more positive output instead of reacting instinctively, notice my capabilities giving me more control my life, not be so overwhelmed by particular aspects of life, and have improved focus on my path to wellness.

I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that Julianne has given me more perspective and understanding of the fact that the process isn’t so much a race, but more of a marathon and to have more joy during this process. She has showed me how important is to incorporate the micro wins as well and how noticing them very much so improves perspective on my life. I appreciate her time, skills, efforts, and knowledge, and would happily recommend her services to anybody interested in incorporating or changing to a more whole food plant based lifestyle.
— Abel Garcia
I found Julianne after months of researching and trying many different ways to eat a plant based diet which left me feeling tired and with excess weight. Prior to our first session, I also met with a dietitian through my insurance who gave me very generic information and didn’t really listen to my needs or wants. I was feeling frustrated and tired of feeling like I was trying to do everything right without any of the success that I hoped would come from it.

I could tell from the first call with Julianne this would be different and was the more 1:1 help I was looking for. She worked out a program with me that fit my needs and lifestyle. Within a few short weeks of working together, I started to feel better, more in control of how to best plan my meals and how to eat in a healthier way. I finally started to lose weight, had more confidence, and was able to notice my “wins” everyday.

Julianne really spends time getting to know you and making sure that she tailors a plan to fit your needs. It was a wonderful, supportive experience and I’d encourage anyone who is reading this because they are looking for help or guidance on their journey to trust in Julianne and start working with her asap!
— Jillian S.
Julianne helped me not only lose weight (14 lbs in two months) but she also helped me open my mind to new methods of eating healthy and self care. She truly cares about you and how your lifestyle affects your nutrition. She works with you to modify your meals so that it fits best for you. She is such a caring person that it was easy for me to trust her and know that we would get to a meal plan that would work best for me. I can’t thank her enough for how much she helped me grow in the last two months.
— Diana Soto
I am so grateful that I had a chance to meet and work with Julianne. She was truly a Godsent during a low time in my life. I was eating extremely poorly, I was exhausted everyday and I made very little time for physical activity.

Julianne showed me the importance of nutrition and how I can use food to fuel my body and kill hunger and sweet cravings.

I was able to lose 15lbs while on her program, get out and enjoy nature and physical activity, and I found all sort of delicious ways to incorporate the four components of eating healthy. I am truly amazed at how much my energy as well as confidence has changed over the course of eight weeks. The skills that have been shared with me have benefitted my family as well. I will never go back to my old ways of living and eating. My family and I will follow The Kanzaki Method™ for life.
— May Stephens
Celebrating the victory!!! May's final hike after eight weeks of solid commitment to fueling her body properly and moving her body in nature.

Celebrating the victory!!! May's final hike after eight weeks of solid commitment to fueling her body properly and moving her body in nature.

I had a great experience working with Julianne! From the beginning, she was there to support me in whatever capacity I needed. She was always responsive whenever I needed help or advice. Every time we had our check-ins, she made sure to focus on how great I was doing and the progress I had made. Her positive attitude was contagious. She pushed me to make changes I wouldn’t have made otherwise and I’m so happy to have had someone like her to pull me out of the slump I was in. She was great about always focusing on the bigger picture rather than just weight loss, which I think is the key to any sustainable program. I can truly say she helped me make changes that I plan to carry with me for the rest of my life.

I lost 13 pounds over the 8 weeks that I worked with her and I know that I have the tools I need to continue to become an even healthier and achieve my goals on my own.
— Jaclyn W.
Julianne is an incredibly competent dietitian. Through nutrition as well as meditation and wellness advice, she helped me stay on top of my fast-paced and hectic schedule. Her tailored recipes and food suggestions have already had a noticeable impact on my energy levels and mental clarity. And most importantly, this was with a healthy diet and habits that will stay with me for years. She’s a passionate, positive and warm person, which makes her all the more enjoyable to work with.
— Benjamin D.
Sunrise nutrition coaching and guided meditation/visualization in nature at Lake Chabot Regional Park.

Sunrise nutrition coaching and guided meditation/visualization in nature at Lake Chabot Regional Park.

I am glad I decided to get help from Julianne. She has always been so kind and positive throughout this whole journey, which really motivated me to not give up. Because of this, I was able to change my eating habits, lifestyle, and mentality, which have led me towards a more positive path. I am excited and motivated to continue and keep improving. I learned so much about myself and how to become more aware about what my body needs and how to nourish myself properly by eating healthy. So I only have to say, thank you so much! And I hope many other people can get the help they need and be in a happy and peaceful state as well.
— Mayu T.
Working with Julianne was a pleasure. Her style was truly personalized to my goals and I felt like my overall health was the most important thing to her and, thus, it became even more important to me. Best of all, there was no judgement when I was having a “bad” day. When I ate a giant piece of cake (which I did), she provided the guidance and encouragement to continue with my wellness journey.

After her program, I am finding food A LOT more enjoyable, fun, and tastes better. I now know what a balanced meal feels like and my energy is off the charts (I went swimming at 5 am more than once). This program taught me the necessary skills to eat better and she provided me with a toolkit (my core desires) to live a more fulfilling life.
— Brigitte C.
Julianne is a gentle, kind, prepared, creative presenter. She exemplifies a quiet strength and confidence that will captivate the lucky recipients.

Twice I have had her come speak to my students, and in both cases we have been inspired and touched by her work with us. Both young adult audiences were very different; one a room of extroverts, and the other more reluctant and reserved. She captured both groups’ respect and interest. I highly recommend having Julianne come work with you.
— Kathy Dillingham, Teacher
Julianne is an AMAZING nutritionist and coach. She inspired me to get my butt into gear, cutting out some bad habits like drinking tons of orange juice and having like 12-16 ounces of frozen yogurt late at night. Even more, she helped me map out an easy nutrition plan that has me eating more (and much healthier) food throughout the day (except the late night eating), which helped a ton with my late night cravings!

And she even gave me some allowable treats to eat that still keep me out of trouble. I had to get my bad cholesterol (LDL) levels down quickly and lose about 15 pounds. I was already pretty fit, but noticed that extra 15 pounds was affecting me in a whole lot of ways. At 6’1”, 203 was just a bit much. We set a goal for 185-188, and I am already down to 191.5 pounds!

That is a 11.5 pound weight loss - in just about 4 weeks. And I haven’t even started cycling much yet.

With my new nutrition plan, I am on my way to being completely shredded, and will target 182-185 as my new stable weight. I think it will be easy to maintain !!

Thanks Julianne - you simply Rock!
— Robert Johnson
A delicious Buddha Bowl full of leafy greens, squash, carrots, tofu, edamame and nori over a bed of quinoa. One of the many beautiful recipes that Stephanie and James made into their own!

A delicious Buddha Bowl full of leafy greens, squash, carrots, tofu, edamame and nori over a bed of quinoa. One of the many beautiful recipes that Stephanie and James made into their own!

Vegan Moroccan Tagine with Stephanie and James' own twist- they served it over mint/lemon quinoa!

Vegan Moroccan Tagine with Stephanie and James' own twist- they served it over mint/lemon quinoa!

My beau and I started working with Julianne after he was badly injured and was looking to make a change for his health. Julianne is genuinely kind, personable and has gotten to know James better than me for his culinary limits and food choices. She quickly adapted meal prep & ingredients according to his food preferences, and helped him set up structured and reasonable goals. She has been amazing to reach out to in a pinch for dinners out or staring blankly at the many, many choices at Trader Joe’s. Within the past month, we’ve learned many unique plant-based food combinations that keep us engaged and focused.

James is now feeling upbeat and energetic, and has learned the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle and relationship with food.
— Stephanie Schwarzmiller
Julianne provided a complete experience. She helped me with specific meal ideas, helped me improve my ordering habits at restaurants, and gave great tips on exercise. I was super concerned about getting enough protein after switching to a vegetarian diet and Julianne helped immensely. Totally recommend Julianne to anyone needing some guidance when it comes to nutrition and overall health!
— Madison Wilson
I am so glad I took the opportunity to meet with Julianne about my nutrition goals. I have been all over the place with my eating & really wanted to pin down something that would work for me, my goals, and my lifestyle and schedule.

One of the main things I wanted to address was my eczema, Julianne was able to tell me what changes I should make and why, and also made a lot of easy swaps and recommendations. I loved trying the different foods she recommended and in just a couple weeks have been able to see a difference. I was skeptical at first, but I really see the results of following the helpful advice she gave me.

I really like that Julianne lives the lifestyle, because she is so locked into different blogs, movies, and information that she shares and which helps make transitioning into a different style of eating easier.

I really liked being able to speak to Julianne about my goals, she created a really useful set of meals for me to cook, which really helped me get my feet off the ground. In a short time I’ve already been able to incorporate some of those meals into my life, and have been happily surprised by how delicious everything is.

Being a nurse I really liked being able to learn why certain things were better for my body. I learned a lot through working with Julianne and highly recommend her. I feel like I have a better handle on my nutrition goals, and a really good path to get there. She is so encouraging about incorporating healthy habits and to just let go of being really hard on myself, which I appreciated.
— Katie Gee
If you’re looking for a great nutritionist, I highly recommend Julianne. My situation presented unique challenges, and still, she welcomed the opportunity to work with me without hesitation. I found her to be competent in her field and generous in regard to sharing her knowledge. Not only that, she put in the extra effort to help me stay focused and motivated. Her expertise, insight, enthusiasm, and responsiveness will no doubt help you reach your goals.
— Jennifer Haga
Hiking sessions and nature immersion with Jennifer at Redwood Regional Park.

Hiking sessions and nature immersion with Jennifer at Redwood Regional Park.

Julianne is amazing! I was so lucky to find a nutritionist who has actually heard of my condition, POTS. It is a fairly unknown condition, and she knew exactly what kind of diet I needed. I need a very unusual diet, and she was able to write me a wonderful meal plan full of delicious recipes! She really took her time with me, followed up, and made me feel really cared for. I highly recommend Julianne, especially if you have a medical condition that requires a specific diet.
— Jennifer Jones
I’ve had the privilege of working with Julianne in several capacities during the past few years. She presented wellness and nutritional strategies to our employees at a local government agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her gentle, loving and fun approach was well-received. I was then able to receive one-on-one coaching with her which helped me tremendously. I’m enjoying a green smoothie as I write this. When I retired in 2015, I began attending some of her half-day wellness retreats, each one a unique gem. She continues to encourage me with her zest for life, fitness, food, friends and family and her enjoyment of the natural beauty of our world. Julianne is beautiful inside and out. She is a brilliant, creative instructor and lives and loves her calling. She is a blessing. She exudes radiance.
— Janette Stuart
Presenting the benefits of a plant-based diet in combination with an on-site cooking demonstration and recipe testing!

Presenting the benefits of a plant-based diet in combination with an on-site cooking demonstration and recipe testing!

When our executive team decided to pursue a speaker and coach on all things nutrition for our employees, I immediately thought of Julianne Kanzaki. During a morning workshop, Julianne provided a clear explanation of the benefits of gut health and the impacts of dietary choices through engaging activities and dialogue with our entire staff. As a follow-up, she provided an on-site cooking demonstration and specialized one-on-one coaching for staff members catered to individual needs and desires. We found Julianne to be exceedingly knowledgeable as well as compassionate and easy to communicate with. Her passion to help others experience wellness within themselves and the world around them is resolute and fundamental to the successes she had with our team.
— Naomi L.
Presenting simple tips for IWRC Norcal on how to create more health, happiness, and energy using plant-based nutrition.

Presenting simple tips for IWRC Norcal on how to create more health, happiness, and energy using plant-based nutrition.

I loved hearing Julianne’s nutrition information presentation! I have attended many other health seminars in the past. Julianne’s presentation is excellent. She gave very hands-on examples of how to handle eating, with simple, easy-to-remember takeaways that have made a positive impact in my meal planning, preparation, and eating. I am very grateful to Julianne for her excellent seminar and I hope to work with her in the future to increase my family’s health and well-being.
— Jessica McKinlay, Dorsey & Whitney LLP
New Year, New Me! That’s what I said last year. One of my goals was to improve my diet and nutrition. My fitness goals were on track, but the nutrition side of the equation was lacking.

I met Julianne and we talked about endurance sports and nutrition needs. I was impressed at her accomplishments and decided to book a session with her. She was patient as I asked a million questions. She helped me understand how I could improve my diet, and gave me simple ways to track success. I attended a few of her wellness retreats where she taught us more about plant-based nutrition and served us some delicious food. It was really exciting as I learned that my diet didn’t have to be just tofu and water. Phew!

Julianne helped me understand exactly what I needed to eat to feel stronger and perform better. I feel so much healthier and energized knowing what to eat. Having the right guidance has fast-tracked this. I highly recommend her!
— Prasun P.
Julianne is really sweet! After meeting up with her she went over a variety of different foods that I could eat to have a healthier diet. I was really happy to have her coach me and suggest different options. She is really great and will do whatever it takes to see you succeed and have a healthy life.

You get what you put in and what you ask for. Julianne is super understanding and willing to help. The first step is asking for it. She is a great person to have on your team!

I am really happy I had the chance to meet her and have her help me make life-changing decisions.
— Jose Contreras
As a health professional I thought I had a pretty good handle on nutrition. But Julianne was instrumental in helping to take my nutritional health to an entirely new level. She is a true professional in her field and and her counsel and individualized approach were invaluable to help me achieve my goals. I highly recommend Julianne without reservations.
— Dr. Martin Garcia