The Importance of Being.

I'm your typical Type-A person. I derive a huge amount of joy from creating to-do lists, clearly knowing what I'm supposed to accomplish in a day, and adhering carefully to that schedule. 

I was thinking about this today as I went on my evening walk. How easy it is to get consumed in what we do. What we do in a day, in a lifetime. I've recently made it a habit to start looking UP more. When I look up, I'm forced to take my attention away from what is in front of me. I have to be completely still and present.

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland. 

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland. 

As the sun was setting tonight, this question settled into my mind- "Am I a human doing or a human being?"

It was a humble reminder that at the end of our lives, no one really cares what we did. They care instead, about who we were. How present we were when we listened. How generous we were with our time and our resources. How we gave the best hugs and allowed people to feel loved.

I want to be a human being (and I think you may as well).

Being present.

Being generous.

Being loving.