Space That Matters.

You never know how much space you occupy in another person's life. I'll never forget the conversations over coffee that shifted my attitude and perspective in a positive way. The handwritten letter mailed to me during my freshman year of college that I have folded in my drawer with simple, beautiful words of truth that I still pull out from time to time. The afternoon my friend made homemade soup for me but I was too sad to eat, so we just sat together, and that in itself nourished and warmed my soul. I don't think these people even remember these things- to them it was just coffee, or scribbling out a letter, or making lunch. Kindness naturally flows through their veins.

I've been changed by this. I realize the power of our words and the importance of our time. And how seemingly small things to us can make a big difference to someone else. The space we occupy in other people's lives, and the space they have in ours- Love exists there.