This was an unforgettable event of amazingly delicious “healthy vegetarian food,” served with compassion and creativity. The evening was impeccable as was the company. If you are looking for a vegan meal that would rival the French Laundry, this is it.
— Dr. John Mouratoff
A wonderful evening. Great food. Delightful flavors and textures in surprising combinations. Stimulating conversation. Felt revitalized and light after the evening.
— Dr. Scott Lee
The night was wrapping up and we were saying our goodbyes and I noticed this feeling welling up inside of me. That feeling you get when you know you’ve had a great night filled with memories you’ll be talking about for a while.

REVITALIZE is an experience - one from which you will walk away feeling happier, fresher, wiser and with a bunch of new friends.

Julianne and Praveena bring together an eclectic mix of people over one of the best vegan meals I’ve had. They fed and educated us with each course they served. We learned about aquafaba (which to my surprise was not a vegan perfume) but instead garbanzo bean water, that they turned into a brilliant meringue.

I tried to keep track of the courses but lost count at three and decided instead to pay attention to the angels that were dancing on my taste buds.

With REVITALIZE, Julianne and Praveena have created a safe environment where people can come and share their stories and insights, make friends and learn about living a richer and healthier life.
— Prasun Prakash
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how WONDERFUL everything was for the dinner party. Everything was superb and delicious. The presentation was flawless and the quality was impeccable. Everyone at the table commented on how delicious the food was and how beautifully it was displayed. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort to make the evening great. Thank you for the wonderful gift.
— Shanta Khan
It was an awesome vegan dinner. Loved it! Great presentation with great company.
— Savita Raj
Thank you Julianne and Praveena for making the Wellness Retreat so special. Grateful for the wonderful memories shared with the girls from hiking to yoga and from healthier tasty meals to painting. And there’s more...hand-made/picked goodies in our goody bags were greatly appreciated. It was an unforgettable and beautiful experience. My batteries are recharged!
— Jo, from Castro Valley, CA
The Saturday retreat was exactly what I needed at the right time! It was great to start the day by connecting with a group of ladies in the redwoods and ferns, followed by practicing yoga underneath the trees and nurturing ourselves with nutritious and delicious food. I loved that the focus of the day was on self-care. Thank you so much for the opportunity!
— Megan, from Berkeley, CA
Getting outdoors and being surrounded by old and new friends was the perfect way to let the previous week pass, and to mentally refresh for the next. Julianne made sure to wait for and include every individual during our activities, and Praveena’s delicious plant-based cooking would make even the most carnivorous person re-think their food preferences!
— Micki, from Berkeley, CA
What a wonderful way to get out and savor a new experience, to increase the size of my comfort zone. It was wonderful to do yoga with Praveena’s guidance. It was a small group of like-minded women who seek to be the best they can be and to make the world a better, more loving place. It was so fun to do the writing exercise, and I loved the journal that Julianne and Praveena provided. It was so fun to decorate our gratitude jars and fill it with little bits of gratitude and to know that there is so much more gratitude coming my way.

What a great way to start the weekend. What wonderful self-care. What wonderful women.

So grateful for the opportunity.
— Janette, from Castro Valley, CA
Thank you for the great retreat. I enjoyed being outdoors, starting the day with yoga and meditation, going on a beautiful hike, and eating a yummy lunch. It was very inspiring and healing. I will recommend it to everyone.
— Savita, from Berkeley, CA