Giving an A.

My favorite scene in Avatar is when Jake puts his hand on Neytiri and says, "I see you," And she smiles back and looks him in the eyes and says, "I see you."

What does it mean to be seen? Or better yet, to be seen in our best possible light and our highest potential? People who see us in this way are called Believing Mirrors. They're the ones you can tell your most tender, nascent ideas to. They hold them safely and securely, and encourage you to follow and pursue those dreams. They see you as you are now, love you fully in that light, but also hold space for you to grow.


I wore this necklace and two strangers complimented me on it. I explained the significance and symbolism of the binoculars. It was gifted to me by my Believing Mirror, and it's a symbol to stay the course even when I'm scared or afraid. Instead of seeing life from a murky perspective, it's a reminder to see myself as my Believing Mirror sees me. From his perspective, it's all clear. Things line up. Closed doors are just signposts to move towards the right path.

What if we all saw each other in the best light? I guarantee that we'd more willingly step into that potential. If we viewed ourselves from the perspective of our Believing Mirrors, self-doubt and negativity would fall away and we'd shine in the way that we were meant to. That's a powerful mental shift. And it's a gift we can give each other, as well as ourselves. Another way of viewing this is through the lens of Boston Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Benjamin Zander. He calls this concept "Giving an A."

I've applied this concept of "Giving an A" to my clients. To individuals who are really, really hard to love. To myself. It's been transformative. Who can you give an A to? What would that look like?