Never underestimated the power of your words. Think about a teacher or mentor or coach who's shaped your life. I'm sure if anything, you remember the words they spoke into you.

This is Larry. He's old(er) and wise and fiercely intelligent. He works for Apple and can't talk about his top secret projects. So instead we talk about life and family and triathlon and brainstorm ideas for my not-so-top-secret projects.

Have you ever seen a whale fling themselves out of the sea, arc into the air, and fall back into the water? This act of breaching is the whales' way of communicating. It's a tracking system for rough weather that allows them to follow one another's vibrations and not get lost. I think we all have the whale's instinct. We know it's important to swim together- to send out vibrations- our stories, our words- so that no one gets lost. 

I'm not sure what possessed him, but a year ago after we had just met, Larry called me. Just to tell me to keep writing- that I was "onto something" and this simple blog changed the way he saw the world and interacted with it. I remember standing there, phone pressed to my ear, profoundly touched that anyone would make the effort to call just to say such kind things. It was a time when I felt directionless as a writer. His words imbued a new sense of meaning and passion into me. They helped me find my course again.

Speaking life into others through our words is an act of breaching. It keeps us alive. Keeps us together. Helps us navigate these waters of life as a pod.