Valentine's Day Musings.

My annual V-Day writing prompt, which illuminates how my view of love has expanded, shifted, and very much stayed the same within the past year. Enjoy.

 A few of my favorite things...

A few of my favorite things...

I am thinking about Valentine's Day and how it's strange to dedicate a day for love because in reality, we are surrounded by it everywhere, everyday.

I am thinking about our meditation group at work, eyes closed, seated together, breathing in and out, and how we all slowly open our eyes to the soft chime and smile subtly at each other with hearts warm and overflowing. And how that feels like love.

I am thinking about my new mom friends who miraculously survived sleepless nights, endless poo and puke and nonstop crying, and how this very much does not feel like love at 2am. Yet it is. It is the deliriously tired, sacrificial love that at the end of the day, gives back more than anything they've ever lost- their mind, their sleep, their patience.

I am thinking about how all of us have experienced broken hearts and have been cracked wide open- yet, by God's grace, have been pieced back together. And how beautiful it is to meet a kindred spirit where love and loss thread you together and you both recognize that you're in the same river of life, headed to the same ocean.

I am thinking about how love shapes and shifts like the sunset- it can be fiery and fierce, or soft and glowing- yet when informed by time and experience, in retrospect, it is always beautiful and sacred.

I am thinking that the greatest gift is not to find love, but to BE love. To be in love, not necessarily with anyone or anything, but to be at its center, swimming deeply in it, surrounded with others as we all look up at the sky and watch the stars blink back at us.

And how I would definitely want more than February 14th to be that.