Choosing Curiosity Over Fear.

If a person continues to see giants, it means he is still looking at the world through the eyes of a child.
— Anaïs Nin
 Mt. Tam State Park                                                                                                       (Photo: Paul Salemme)

Mt. Tam State Park                                                                                                       (Photo: Paul Salemme)

Perhaps you're like me. You've been on the same trail for far too long. The trees and rocks and elevation gain of the hills are all too familiar. No longer do you feel a sense of awe or wonder. It's mind-numbing. But safe. People here slowly walk single-file on a well-traveled path, strictly abiding by the map, blindly following the person in front of them. I am bored and restless and looking over shoulders, annoyed that we aren't going anywhere exciting. Everyone is afraid of going off-course lest they encounter a wild animal or brush up against poison oak.

I am learning to be more childlike in the pursuit of my life. To choose curiosity over fear. To wander down a more obscure and intriguing trail that curves and dips and challenges me to sometimes ask for directions, yet allows me to see the world with wide-eyed wonder. I'm ready to be amazed, ready to learn, ready to explore. The world now, more than ever, seems like a giant place. It is ripe with opportunity. I've always been horrible with maps. But now it's a gift. I have the opportunity to create my own path.

And so you do.