Some of the most receptive patients I counsel in the hospital are those who are recovering from open heart surgery. I recognize a fragility in their eyes as they clutch the heart pillow close to their chest, and underneath their gown and scar is a knowingness that life can sometimes smack you upside the head with a no-joke reality check. They've got a second lease on life. 

So it matters what you do with it. Huge props to those who choose courage over comfort (you know I've been all about this lately), and especially to those resilient athletes who continue to race and follow their athletic goals, while raising awareness for congenital heart disease and heart health.

All of this hits close to home since my friend Kyle had open heart surgery last December. This didn't stop him from pursuing his passion for endurance sports. While most would make excuses and choose the couch and Netflix for 'recovery,' he ran a half marathon 3 months after surgery and was back racing bikes after six months. Next month, he'll tackle Ironman Cabo 70.3. 

 Back in the game... looking stronger than ever.

Back in the game... looking stronger than ever.

Choosing courage over fear. Being smart about training and listening to your body, but still dreaming and tackling big goals.

He's pretty much the poster-child for the IronHeart Foundation, if you ask me.

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