4 Years.

Sunrise musings... #GoPro #blessingsindisguise #livewide #lovedeep

Sunrise musings... #GoPro #blessingsindisguise #livewide #lovedeep

4 years ago, 11/11/11, would have been my wedding day. It's a day that's forever emblazoned in my mind.

In the past 4 years, I've learned that being alone doesn't equate to loneliness. You don't need a PlusOne to embark on hearty adventures, to write or tell your story, to experience true connection, or to create something meaningful in the world.

I've learned that difficult times have the capacity to harden you, make you closed off and angry- or they can knead you down and make you more tender, softer, to open up, to be a recipient of love. It is a choice. It is your choice.

I've learned that people are kind and when you're drowning in feelings of isolation, there are a special few who magically appear from the woodworks and help you stay afloat. They write you letters that make you weep with gratitude, they hug you when words fail, they remember this day with you when the rest of the world has long forgotten.

I've learned that when darkness threatens to suffocate me and depression nips at my heels, to run fast and fling myself in the direction of goodness, of light, of forgiveness, of authenticity, of brave love. And that in doing so, love wins. Love always wins.

I've learned that sometimes it takes saying a "HELL NO" to someone else to give you the freedom and courage to declare a mighty "HELL YES" to your own life.

I've learned you don't have to walk down a flawless white aisle to be loved, or seen, or needed, or to belong to someone.

Your life is your aisle. So make sure you're walking towards something or Someone that really matters.