Never Gets Old...

Even with the new things going on in my life, there are things that always make me happy that never get old... finish lines.
I love finish lines, and crossing them while holding hands with someone is even more awesome.

Unlike my last holding-hands-across-the-finish-line adventure, Ellen made it clear to me that she was married.
I am so proud of Ellen- not only for the amount of weight she has lost, but for how much of her confidence she has gained.  I had the privilege of pacing a confident, fearless woman who was not afraid to go after her first 10K finish, only one month after finishing her first 5K.  I high-fived her at each mile marker.  It was a reminder to celebrate every milestone that makes up your journey.  I couldn't even imagine running a mile pain-free back in August when I was hobbling around in my cam-walker boot.  So for both of us, it was an accomplishment and celebration.

Muddy miles. #moreHokalove
I feel like I'm making up for the 3 months of running I missed out on during the summer and cashing them in now.  I'm loving the trails now more than ever-  the awesome weather we've been having lately, combined with the hokas- always makes for an incredible run.  The trail time also allows me to catch up on my podcasts- because we all know that learning new things (metabolic efficiency, engineering resilience, biohacking your pH) never gets old either.

9 around the lake. 
And on my plate, here is a meal that I haven't been afraid to repeat multiple times during the week.  It's filling, balanced, delicious, and Whole30.  Boom.

Omelet with spinach, sweet potato hash and avo. #itstartswithfood

You know what else never gets old? Snail mail and phone calls.  In this day and age, it's easier to text.  But perhaps I'm old-fashioned, in that sense- I love going to my mailbox and receiving a handwritten letter, or hearing an excited voice on the other end of the phone.  I was lucky enough to receive both this week...