Raising the Bar.

New year.
Clean slate.
What will you create?

Life is art. It is what you create it to be. Unleash your creativity.
During today's ride up the 3 Bears, I was surrounded by good company.  When I was tired and my mind was starting to fill up with thoughts like, "I'm tired now, I'll just spin and recover a little..." all of a sudden I'd hear Brooke's voice- "Fill that gap!  Work your way up to that wheel and then you can relax!"  I'd pedal hard, my heart pounding, and I could still hear her behind me- "If you want to, you're clear- you can pass them on the left and work your way up to that next wheel!"  Her voice drowned out my own debbie-downer thoughts.  I adopted her belief.  I went for it. 

Sometimes having another encouraging voice in your ear makes you better.

Coach gave me some extra little pushes (literally) when I lost momentum up a hill and on the flats when I needed to power up to the next wheel in front of me.  Just having that extra physical help made such a huge difference for me mentally as well.  When I was about to give up, all of sudden, I was back in the game, on the wheel in front of me, and still in the game.  On a healthy team, strong people help the weak become stronger.  They raise them up. 

Tangible lessons.  If you want to become better, surround yourself with people who will push you (sometimes literally) to a higher level and who believe in what you can accomplish, even when your own vision is shrouded. 

Someone asked me yesterday if I had any New Year's resolutions.  I don't.  But I have set my intentions.  2014 for me is all about raising the bar- in all aspects of my life- in my relationships, in my career, in my spiritual practice, in my diet, and of course, in sport.