Being Passionate- about plants.

I stood there in my white lab coat.  He sat on the bed in his hospital gown, grasping his "Patient Belongings" bag as to silently send a message- "Keep it quick, lady, I'm getting out of here soon."

He was getting ready to leave.
I was getting ready to teach my usual "nutrition for weight loss" education, since that was the reason I was summoned to his room before he was discharged.

I could sense his body stiffen; he was bracing himself for the usual "Don't eat sugar, don't drink sodas, don't eat fast food, don't eat ice cream, don't have a life, blah, blah, blah."

I took a deep breath and threw him a curveball.  

"Eat more plants."  I paused, awaiting his reaction.  Immediately, he relaxed.

"Yes, just eat more plants.  It's that simple." I went on to explain that when you fill your diet with more nutrient-dense plant foods, you just feel better and after awhile, your cravings for less nutritious and processed foods begin to diminish.  I told him parts of my own story.  We actually had a conversation about food versus me preaching to deaf ears.

And at the end of it all, he said something to me that I received as one of the biggest compliments-  "Wow. You are really passionate about plants."

It hit home because passion is something that you can't fake.  There are some things in life that give you a heartbeat and that you truly believe in, and when those things happen to go hand-in-hand with your profession, it confirms that you are on your right path.  And it's true, I am really passionate about plants.  Recently, I've shifted my diet to becoming even more plant-based, especially after watching the documentary Vegecated.  After purchasing my Vitamix, it's been much easier incorporating more plants into my diet on a daily basis, and I've definitely felt a huge change in my mood, my outlook on life (I'm more positive!), and my recovery from workouts.

I eat almost 4 bunches per week. Kale-lujah! #kalesale
Who said salads can't be full-blown meals?
Who knew that cutting cherry tomatoes and flipping them upside down = <3 
Homemade roasted beet chips in coconut oil- good for endurance athletes!
Tonight's creation- Amaranth (a pseudograin high in protein, iron, calcium, Vitamin E and magnesium!) Tabouli salad... Thanks to PK for supplying the amaranth!
Plants are life-giving.
Plants make you feel happier and more vibrant.
Plants give you more energy and mental clarity.

So often, people are told to remove things from their diets to become healthier.  I agree to a certain point, but I believe that this triggers a sense of restriction that could lead to further bingeing.  Perhaps it is easier for people to keep things the same and just start by adding more plants into their diet.

Drink a green drink in the morning.
Add a salad to your lunch.
Incorporate some spinach in to your sandwich.

Soon, you will start to feel an energetic shift that is undeniable.  And I guarantee you that soon you will also be really passionate- about plants.