Halfway Through...

Today was my 15th run, marking the halfway point of my 30 runs in 30 days adventure.  Although the running hasn't exactly felt easier, I've noticed that I am becoming accustomed to scheduling the runs into my day better.

This 30 Day adventure so far has taught me to value EACH DAY-  To creatively find the beauty in each run, regardless if it's done in the pouring rain, in the dark, or on the treadmill.  I've learned to enjoy the process and celebrate the daily accomplishment, rather than focus solely on the end goal.  So often we are so fixated on the finished product that we forget to recognize the small joys that occur throughout the journey.

Exploring Eagle Ridge with Dana, who had the magic entrance pass (a Pleasanton ID).

Witnessed the illuminated raindrops via my headlamp soon evaporate into a beautiful crisp fall morning.
Climbing up Lake Chabot; surprisingly, this was much easier to tackle the second time I ran this. 

Half of the fun is exploring new trails with new running partners.
Still managing to throw a bit 'o swim and bike into this hot mix of running.

A year ago from yesterday marked the day that I experienced a myriad of drastic changes in my personal life.  While this past year's journey has had its highs and lows, I've learned to appreciate the process of growth and change.  While some turn to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms, I am not ashamed to admit that swimbikerun served as my coping mechanism to sort through my thoughts and emotions for hours on end.

But now, I'm more interested in discovering new terrain, in both the physical and mental sense.  Sport is now less about relieving stress and more about goal-setting.  I remember how the Ironman distance seemed impossible at first.  To me, ultrarunning gives me those same excited butterflies.  I know that it will be difficult and hard, but I also trust that it will be completely unforgettable and incredible.  

My PIC and I have our sights set on the American Canyon 50K in February.